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From: a.e.mossberg <>
Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #98 (March 10, 1989) (high heat!)
Date: 1989-03-10 15:36:59 GMT

Gosh, various people showing me the error of my ways seem to have almost
filled issue #98.

First up to bat was Jay Hersh, with his: "Mr. Mossberg's Flame of
Mike Fertsch"

>Mr. Mossberg has, in my opinion, broken some rules of etiquette which we
>had been tacitly practicing here on the digest. He has severly berated
>Mike, and I think unfairly so. I receive mailings from many homebrew
>supplies shops around the country and NONE of them list "Lyle's Syrup"
>I had exactly the same questions as mike did regarding the origins
>of some of those ingredients, but he asked it first.

It was hardly a severe beratement, and if it seemed too harsh perhaps it
was my resentment against the to-be-unamed-person who flamed me in the
early days of this list for not giving the specific alpha acid ratings
of the hops used along with an inane question "Should I try it?". It
came close to convincing me not to bother posting any recipes. BTW, I have
a catalog in front of me which lists Lyles -- Wine & Brew By You. I also
believe I saw it listed in William's -- which is the only other catalog
I have. Let me also point out since it apparently wasn't clear in the message
that only the first paragraph was aimed at Mike. The rest was a general shot
at flamers of recipes. I can't recall anyone flaming the mead makers for
not specifying the variety of bees producing the honey they used, or for
not giving a specific flower count for the region! I consider this to be
on the same level. Also, I did point out that the recipe was from Craig
McTyre at Wine & Brew -- any of you could have called that shop for
specifics. Or written me via email rather than through the list. (As, yes,
I should've sent my response to Mike.)

>3) Just because you can get certain ingredients where you are (Miami??)

Yes, Miami. Way out on the penisula.

>doesn't mean they are available everywhere. [...]

>substituting available brands. Recipes which are not brand dependent are
>the most useful, especially since if people are unfamiliar with the
>characteristics of the brand you use it becomes difficult to substitute
>and acheive something close (notice I said close and not exact, certainly
>there are those who are overzealous in their quest to exactly duplicate
>recipes, but isn't after all, the point of posting a recipe so that the
>person using it can make something similar???)

Lyle's Golden Syrup, I've been told, is non-substitutable. It is supposed
to have a flavor unequaled in other cane syrups. I'll check again if you

Then mhalley in a far more polite tone points out (in "Commonness of
ingredient availability"):

[reformatted to 80 columns]

>While I agree that Lyle's Golden Syrup is not rare or "unusual" to me,
>personally, I don't believe you can make the blanket statement that, if it's
>not available where you live, you must be in the "boonies."

Quite right. My apologies.

>Chances are, you'll find SOME source for Lyle's Golden Syrup in any major North
>American city, but you may have to try Brit import shops. Don't be a snob.

Then Darryl Richman says in "Re: Killer Party Ale":

>Well, let me chime in to say that I've never heard of either of these
>products. If I suggested that you use Karo Syrup, would you know that
>it's corn sugar syrup? And frankly, I would be interested in more
>details about BrewMagic. If I tell you that I've used some brand of
>"Burtonizing Salts", it really doesn't tell you much about it, does
>it? What enzymes, what proportions? (This is not a picky nit;
>enzymes such as papain can be used as a clarifier.)

>And since yesterday's digest had a guess that Killer Party Ale was
>going to end up as an old ale, it is useful to give at least a

Yep, I should've given more detail as the type initially. I still have the
mimeographed recipe here so let me give you verbatim, how it's described.

WOW! This recipe will give you the taste of the Carlsberg
Brewery's "high-alcohol" special export beer. It has a
beautiful golden color with a smooth follow-through, and
one "hell-of-a-finish" you will notice after just 2 in
an evening. Truly delicious.

a.e.mossberg MIAVAX::AEM (Span) aem@umiami.BITNET (soon)
Muchos de ellos, por complacer a tiranos, por un punado de monedas, o por
cohecho o soborno, estan derramando la sangre de sus hermanos. - Emiliano Zapata

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