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From: <>
Subject: Guilt/delayed info/etc.
Date: 1989-03-13 18:09:00 GMT

To Al K:

Bless you| After our first go-round
on this network, it's no wonder you
waited to come back to me. However,
if you want lessons on karmic debts
or "How to turn guilt into a fine
art", I'm sure I'm a qualified tutor.
Thanks again.

To Mossberg:

Sorry about the snideness, but your
comeback about chefs and recipes DID
sound rather like you were trying to
rub somebody's nose in it. Personally,
I apologize to you. I may have
misinterpreted. I certainly agree
that Lyle's is a unique product which
cannot be simulated by anything else
in my experience of syrup-type products.

To the California and New England crowds:

Can any of YOU suggest sources for Geordie
products, or must I contact the Illinois
sources listed by Al?

Finally --

I should be returning to the States between
early June and late September. By that time
I will be OFF the emailing list. I will
be mostly in the coastal areas doing field
research. Does anyone want to send me
(by personal email) their locations that we
might meet and exchange possibly mutually
rewarding brewinfo? I'd really like to know.
Also, anyone on this line know any veterans
of the WW II convoys? I'm looking for sources
for my Ph.D. research -- Merchant Mariners:
deck or engine room personnel, either officers
or crew; Naval personnel: either gunners who
were aboard merchant ships or personnel of
convoy escorts; wives, widows, or children
of the above. Any information should be sent
to me by personal email. Thanksabunch|

"Ye Olde Batte" (MHALLEY@MUN.CA)

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