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From: Andy Newman <NEWMAN@Venus.YCC.Yale.Edu>
Subject: Finings
Date: 1989-03-16 16:38:00 GMT


Spring is just around the corner (gee...what a pleasant thought!) and
I am about start brewing some lighter beers. (Dark beer when it's
cold, light (colored) beer when it's warm....personal quirk of mine)
The lighter beers are going to force me to come to grips with an
ongoing problem I've been having trying to get my beers (almost
exclusivly English-style ales) to clear. I brew most of my beer
with little or no corn sugar but usually from either canned or dry
extract. The beer invariably contains visible suspended yeast
when I bottle it (7 to 12 days from initial pitch of yeast). Within
one to two weeks, the beer will have cleared ALMOST entirely of
yeast matter. It usually seems clear until I hold it up next to a
bottle of commercial ale at which point it becomes apparent that it
is still somewhat dull colored. It never gets any clearer than that.
Worse yet, when I chill the beer, it devlops a very decided chill

I've experimented with a variety of clarifying agents (papain enzyme,
polyclar, Irish moss, gelatin) but can't seem to get the right
combination. My question is: Has anyone developed a generally
sure fire way to clear extract-based beers? I know there are those
who beleive that somewhat cloudy beer is acceptable, but it's
really important to me get it as clear as possible (another personal
quirk). I'd be curious to hear about anyone's experiences regarding
this topic.

-Andy Newman

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