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From: hplabs!uiucdcs!iwtsf!korz (Algis R Korzonas +1 312 979 8583)
Subject: Crystal Malt
Date: 1989-03-17 16:49:36 GMT

Re: Jim McCrae's question about specialty grains in extract brewing

Crystal Malt is almost completely carmelized (fermentable)
sugar, so I don't believe that mashing it would be of any use.
Roasted grains (roasted barley, chocolate malt, black patent, etc.)
probably have had their enzymes killed via the roasting process,
so again, I don't believe that mashing would do anything to them
unless (this is a guess, so correct me if I'm wrong) you added
some enzymes by using something like DMS in your mash.

I have not tried mashing yet, but intend to as soon as I have the
space and equipment (lauter tun, wort chiller, BIG brewpot, etc.).

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