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Subject: Re: Bottle rinsing
Date: 1991-01-14 15:19:00 GMT

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Subj: RE: Bottle rinsing

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>Date: Thu, 10 Jan 91 19:30:00 PST
>From: polstra!norm@uunet.UU.NET (Norm Hardy)
>Subject: Rinsing Bottles
>Not yet owning a dishwasher, my method for cleaning bottles has stabalized
>into the following steps:
>(1) Rinse real good after using, drain upside-down.
>(2) Since our present sink (until the wife puts in the smaller one to
> make room for the dishwasher) is large enough for 52 bottles (12 oz)
> or 40 bottles (17 oz), I soak the bottles in a bleach bath (2% or so)
> for a couple of hours. This removes the layers of film that accumulate.
>(3) Upon rinsing with the bottle jet sprayer and hanging on a bottle tree,
> I usually go the extra mile and bake the bottles at 300f for 60 minutes.
> Cool down takes awhile so I usually do the baking late at night or
> early in the day. Very few broken bottles, by the way.
>Oh, I remove all labels and foil before any of this. A large 10 gallon
>plastic bucket outside does the job holding the liquid and bottles.
>Norm Hardy

Hi. My name is James Dryfoos and I live in Durham North Carolina.
I joined to list recently and up to now have just observerd. From the
content of the digest I feel like a beginner -- although I have made
simple homebrew for several years.

I am curious about feedback on the above topic of rinsing bottles.
I find this the worst part of the whole process.
I normally clean gunk out of bottles right away so later all I need is really
to sterilize. I use the above method of soaking in a bleach solution.
This and the process of then rinsing is a drag (I also use a bottle washer).
Are there better ways? Is baking the bottles necessary? I have not
heard this before. I feel like since I use bleach I need to painstakingly
rinse the bottles. Is something like bbrite a better alternative?
Any advice would help. What about this bottle tree thing? I usually
just shake out the bottle. It is usually still wet when I fill it with
my primo brew. Oh yea, is using a dishwasher sufficient? What should
be used as detergent if so?

Thanks. Jim Dryfoos :-)

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