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From: Darryl Richman <>
Subject: re: finings
Date: 1989-03-17 17:01:49 GMT

From: Andy Newman <NEWMAN@Venus.YCC.Yale.Edu>
Subject: Finings
"The lighter beers are going to force me to come to grips with an
"ongoing problem I've been having trying to get my beers (almost
"exclusivly English-style ales) to clear.
" [...] Within
"one to two weeks, the beer will have cleared ALMOST entirely of
"yeast matter. It usually seems clear until I hold it up next to a
"bottle of commercial ale at which point it becomes apparent that it
"is still somewhat dull colored. It never gets any clearer than that.
"Worse yet, when I chill the beer, it devlops a very decided chill

Do you use adjunct grains? Do you take care not to boil them? If you
don't you'll extract tanins that, together with the protiens in the
extract, will form chill haze. Another way to reduce the comibination
is to boil longer and wait until after the "hot break" before adding
hops. This causes much of the larger protiens to agglomerate and
fall out of solution. Do your best to leave this trub behind when
you rack into your primary, and from primary into secondary (this stuff
is good food for a variety of spoilage organisms).

You probably can't match filtered beer for clarity, but then filtered
beer can't match homebrew for body.

--Darryl Richman

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