From the HBD Archive
Subject: Readership Survey
Date: 1989-03-18 00:41:10 GMT

In issue 100 Darryl Richman <> writes:

> I'd be interested to know who on this net is qualified by more than a
> bit of experience. My personal claims are 4 years of brewing. I do
> try to read each book that comes down the pike, including "The Practical
> Brewer," which is a bit thick literally and figuratively; but as to
> formal claims, I have none. (It took me 12.5 years to get my bachelors
> in CS!)....

It took me four years not to get my PhD in CS. (I did get a consolation
MS.) I've been brewing since 1980, but only for four years. After
I moved to Atlanta I didn't have the space or time for a few years.

Has anyone done a readership survey for this newsletter? I'd be
interested in knowing something like the following:
1) How long have you brewed?
2) Are you an AHA member?
3) Grain, extract, or extract with added grain?
4) Major reference materials (books, etc.) used.
5) How much do you brew?

More come to mind: keg or bottle, refrigeration, liquid yeast, whole or
pellets, sparging method (if applicable)....

I'd be willing to collect and tally the data. Don't send me e-mail, yet,
though. We'd need to decide on the questions and on a standard format.
(I'd prefer not to have to tabulate the answers by hand.)

Len Reed

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