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From: hplabs!utah-cs!!raven!rcd (Dick Dunn)
Subject: AHA conference cost
Date: 1989-03-20 06:04:26 GMT

Erik A. Henchal wrote:

> I received the registration information for the AHA conference in
> June. I was a little taken back by the registration fee of $240
> for members and $290 for non-members. Do others find this
> registration fee a little high?...

I do. The actual low figure is $210 if you're a member and register by
the end of April (which is reasonable advance warning), so let's use that
as a basis for comparison. This is for roughly three days of AHA stuff.
(The conference runs for four days, but the first day is minimal and the
last day looks rather light.) There are really two days of technical
stuff. Folks who are inclined to complain about value/dollar might object
to the Friday afternoon item of "Two-and-a-half hours of luxurious FREE
TIME". (You pay for the free time as part of the conference cost,

For a very rough comparison, the last USENIX cost $150 for a full three
days of technical presentations. AHA has two lunches and two dinners,
where USENIX has stuff at breaks (3 "continental breakfasts" and 3
afternoon liquids-only) plus one evening buffet-like event--this is either
a break-even or slightly in favor of AHA. USENIX gives you the proceedings
with conference registration. The USENIX presentations are short, but
there are a lot of them, and they have to do something to compensate the
authors, I assume. (Anybody know what they get?)

I think Eric Henchal's idea of getting it under $100 is a little
ambitious, but I could see $150 as a reasonable target...and $210 is a lot
more than that.

One of the questions bearing on the comparison of conferences is whether
the conference is viewed as a fund-raising activity. I don't think USENIX
_per_se_ is a fund-raiser...the tutorials might be, but they're separate.
I would hope that the AHA conference is not seen as a fund-raiser, because
they do other things (like the beer festivals) to raise money.
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