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Subject: Dark Ale & Network address
Date: 1989-03-21 23:54:00 GMT

About a month or 2 ago I asked for help on when to bottle my dark ale.
Getting no responses, I bottled anyway. My problem (I thought) was that my
ending gravity seemed a little high. This was the first time taht I had used
crystal malt as an adjunct. To recap:

Full Moon Ale

6 lbs. Dark Australian DME
1 lb. Carmel Crystal malt
1.5 oz. Willamette hops
1.5 oz. Fuggles hops
1 pkg. Wyeast British Ale Yeast #1098
5 gal. Arrowhead Mtn. Spring Water
3/4 cup corn sugar to prime.

Initial gravity: 1.055
Final gravity: 1.017

I boiled 2 gal. of water and turned off the heat. I then added the crystal
malt for about 15 min. or so (I'm at work so the exact time escapes me) and
then poured the liquid through a muslin bag into the wort pot. I heated up
another galon of water to 170 deg. and poured it through the grain into the
wort pot. The water was then heated to boiling and the DME added. One third
of the hops were added, the next third after 45 min., and the last third after
1 hr. when the heat was turned off. I stuck the pot into the sink and ran
water to cool it off. The wort was added to 2 gal. water already in the
fermenter. I use a glass jar that my great grandfather used to make wine in
over 50 years ago. It looks like a giant mason jar, so I use plastic wrap
with a rubberband on top to close it. The yeast was added at 75 deg. and the
initial gravity was 1.055.

After 4 days it seemed to stop fermenting and the gravity was 1.022. I then
racked into a secondary fermentor and topped to 5 gal. I decided to wait a
while to see what would happen. After 3 weeks it was finally douwn to 1.017
but I didn't have time to bottle then. I bottled after 4 weeks using 3/4 cup
corn sugar to prime.

My main problem was that I wasn't sure when to bottle and how much priming
sugar to add. All the other brews that I have made ended at 1.011 SG and I
was worried that mine was too high.

The beer came out tasting great and did not explode any bottles. In order to
call this a Porter, it needs more hops, therefore I think it is a Scotch ale.


My 2 cents on the network addresses. I am on internet and it appears that
several other in the group are also. I have tried to send messages to some of
you (mainly Darryl Richman) without success, while others have worked. The
reason is that we do not have all the host names in our host table. This
table translates the names to internet numbers. If I knew the number, I would
not need the name. For example you could send a message to me at


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