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Subject: unknown
Date: 1989-03-22 04:45:45 GMT

My wife is considering buying me a second refrigerator for my birthday
(April 11, if anyone else wants to do some gift shopping). Here in
the Deep South lager is the drink of choice in the summer and is impossible
to make without refrigeration.

The units she's looked at are your basic top/bottom refrigerator/freezers.
This should give me plenty of room in the refrigerator part. I'm a little
concerned about temperature, though. Miller and Noonan say ferment in the
45-55 degF range. Most refrigerators are set to maintain the low 40s.
Is the fridge's thermostat likely to hold 50, or will it require the
external on/off timer that some writers mention?

Ideally, I'd like to use the refrigerator for fermentaion and maybe lagering
(lower 30s), and the freezer as a mini deep freeze (otherwise it's just
wasted). Is this feasible, or does the 50 degF ferment preclude using
the freezer? (This is a big selling point to my wife.)

Some of you out there use refrigerators. Did you have to do anything
special to get the right temperature? Can you use the freezer?

Len Reed

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