From the HBD Archive
From: Rich Simpson <paramax!>
Subject: Lager yeasts
Date: 1989-03-22 14:36:34 GMT

I've got a question that I've been meaning to ask for quite some time.
I have been brewing for a couple of years now, doing ales from extract
with some specialty grains. My first batch was straight from a kit and
used lager yeast. It was a mixed success. After that I switched to ale
yeast and avoided kits. I have been very happy with my results since
then. I ferment in my basement so I can never depend
on getting really cold temperatures. Papazian has a bunch of recipes
that look interesting that I have been avoiding because they use lager
yeasts. How important is it to ferment beers made with lager yeasts at
really low temperatures? Will I get good results at 60-65 degrees with
a lager yeast or should I just stick with ale yeasts?

Rich Simpson
Encore Computer Corporation
{most backbones}!encore!simpson

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