From the HBD Archive
From: (John Freeman)
Subject: Refrigerators for brewing
Date: 1989-03-22 15:56:10 GMT

> I'm a little
> concerned about temperature, though. Miller and Noonan say ferment in the
> 45-55 degF range. Most refrigerators are set to maintain the low 40s.
> Is the fridge's thermostat likely to hold 50, or will it require the
> external on/off timer that some writers mention?

I replaced the thermostat on my beer fridge. I bought a special
thermostat to maintain 40-70F. These are available at appliance
parts stores.

> Ideally, I'd like to use the refrigerator for fermentaion and maybe lagering
> (lower 30s), and the freezer as a mini deep freeze (otherwise it's just
> wasted). Is this feasible, or does the 50 degF ferment preclude using
> the freezer? (This is a big selling point to my wife.)

I don't think one thermostat will allow that range of operation.

> Can you use the freezer?

I can't.

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