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From: "1107-CD&I/VIRUS DISEASES" <henchal@wrair.ARPA>
Subject: conf fees, CI$, SG, refrigs
Date: 1989-03-23 12:24:00 GMT

1. RE: Conference costs. Ok, you convinced me that a small
society has to charge a slightly larger registration fee in order
to meet the expenses of a national conference, but I won't be
able to go at that I'll have to settle for the $18.95
transcript for another year. Perhaps, what this tells us is
that there is a real need for more regional conferences. For
example...I know that there are lots of homebrewers in the
Washington DC area but I have never heard of a local competition.
The only one that I know of in this region is a competition held
sometimes in Philadelphia in the Fall. Will someone out there
correct me if I am wrong about this? What does it take to
organize an AHA sponsored competition or conference...besides
bucks? Also, can it be done cheaply? I notice that this stuff
seems to go on all the time in California and the Southwest.

2. I predict that the COMPUSERVE....CI$ (I like it) will
fail. I have been a member of CI$ for almost 8 years, and it
ain't hard to run up $50-100 monthly bills using a forum
regularly. Even though I am pessimistic about the forum, I will
heed Steve Conklin advice and try to participate overthere more
frequently. I suggested some time ago that it would help if
summarized portions of the discussions held here be transferred
to libraries at CI$. Mea cuppa, mea cuppa...I didn't follow
through because of the lack of real action in the WINEFORUM.
With regard to letting Charlie know about how I feel....wouldn't
it be easier if he could just listen in....after all, I'm not
sure I know how to get messages to folks not in any kind of
network or bulletin board....I remember vaguely something about
envelops and stamps :-).....Many thanks to Dave Dunn for his
instructional comments about network addresses. I never really
understood what happens to my messages after they leave my

3. RE: Specific gravity measurements. I'm not sure that the
final FG that you obtain is any measure of the time to bottle.
I had been taught (and experience has shown) that a brew is ready
to bottle when the SG remains constant over the course of 3 days.
(In reality, I don't test the SG that often...I merely look at
the amount of overall activity and the head...a falling head is a
good measure of a completing fermentation.) That FG might be
1.006, 1.015, 1.025 (or whatever) depending upon the amount of
non-fermentable dextrins in the beer. I noticed that Nancy
Vineyard recommends the use of Clintest paper strips (?) in this
quarter Zymurgy. I think her recommendation has always been to
measure the amount of sugar left in the ferment. If I'm not
mistaken the amount of fermentable sugar should be less than
2%...don't hold me to this number.

4. RE: Danish lager Yeast. Is this what they call #2007 or is
this #308. Can someone post the different characteristics of
these yeasts. I have never seen this information
anywhere...growth characteristics, expected attenuation, optimum
growth characteristics, etc.

5. RE: Refrigerators. My refrigerator (15 cu ft) keeps to 49
degrees F on the DEFROST setting and 29 degrees F. No, I can't
use the freezer with the DEFROST setting on. If I don't set the
'frig to defrost, the box stays a pretty constant 44 degrees F.

Erik A. Henchal

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