From the HBD Archive
From: dsbaer@Sun.COM (David Baer)
Subject: Liquid Yeasts
Date: 1988-12-07 17:04:15 GMT

I have used William's Liquid Yeast and have had
great success. There are 8 or so different yeasts
available, but I have only used their American Lager.
My understanding is the product is packaged by WYEAST
so any reputation that WYEAST carries should be extended
to William's yeasts.

One thing I have noticed about the American Lager is it
doesn't ferment the brews as much as dry yeast so there
tends to be a residual sweetness that requires extra hops
to balance this sweetness. Regardless, the flavor of my
brews have been clean and the yeast has settled to crystal
clarity. I recommend culturing these yeasts in agar so the
cost per brew goes way down. I have stretched one packet of
liquid yeast to make 5 batches of beer. If any one is
interested in culturing yeasts I would be glad to post
more information.

Dave Baer
Sun Microsystems

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