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From: Michael Bergman <>
Subject: Refrigerators for brewing
Date: 1989-03-23 16:01:56 GMT

Most refrigerators have only a single thermostat, and no way of
independently regulating freezer and refirgerator temperature. Some
modern refrigerators have, still with a single thermostat, a degree of
control in that you can adjust how much of the "cold" is sent to the
freezer compartment and how much to the fridge. In particular, I had
a 10 year old Sears Coldspot (made by Whirlpool, I believe) that had
all the cooling capacity in the back of the fridge, and a fan that
moved cold air around the fridge and freezer compartments. You could
adjust the percentage of cold air going to each, and adjust the master
thermostat, to get something like what you are after. I don't know
whether it was flexible enough to do what you want, but suspect that
the addition of an after-market baffle (i.e. a piece of cardboard
taped over the vent) would have been sufficient to do the trick.

Note that the freezer compartment was a separate insulated box,
totally disjunct from the fridge compartment except for the vent--this
was a "side-by-side" model.

--mike bergman

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