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From: Darryl Richman <>
Subject: re: Lager yeasts
Date: 1989-03-23 14:32:16 GMT

From: Rich Simpson <paramax!>
"[...] I ferment in my basement so I can never depend
"on getting really cold temperatures. Papazian has a bunch of recipes
"that look interesting that I have been avoiding because they use lager
"yeasts. How important is it to ferment beers made with lager yeasts at
"really low temperatures? Will I get good results at 60-65 degrees with
"a lager yeast or should I just stick with ale yeasts?

You can get good results, but likely the style of beer you are making
will change from lager to steam beer. The purpose of lagering is to
get the yeast to slow down and take their time about eating, not
to rush through it and wolf their food down ;-). In doing this, the
yeast work more efficiently and leave fewer by-products behind, which
means that you taste less fruitiness &c in the beer. This is why
lagers are considered to have a cleaner, crisper flavor than ales.
Lagering also facilitates the removal of haze, and you get a clearer
beer. So you can ferment them at higher temperatures, but they will
act and taste more like ales.

--Darryl Richman

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