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From: Michael Bergman <>
Date: 1989-03-27 15:32:48 GMT

> On my way home from Wash DC yesterday I came across a very
> interesting ad in American Airlines magazine for Keg & Corkscrew`s
> Personal Microbrewery& Aside from being very curious about their
> "revolutionary, patented, sanitized brewingag system for only
> $129.95",I was very surprised to see an ad for homebrewing an such
> a magazine! Could it be that homebrewing might becoming more
> popular?! Has anyone ever heard of this outfit, or for that
> matter, seen ads like this in magazines for a general kinda
> audience?
> Marvin Marlatt

I think I have seen something similar in one of the yuppie
catalogs--it's my guess that homebrewing hasn't "become more popular"
yet, but that it is one of the many things that have caught the
attention of those looking for the next fad to exploit...It's amazing
the kind of stuff that the Sharper Image carries--"Ninja" swords ('not
a reproduction...'), fancy car gadgets, hi-tech toys, office toys,
stereo equipment, travel gear--if they (or others like them) can sell
homebrew kits to rich people who think that they can get better beer
by brewing it themselves without actually going to the trouble of
learning how...into the catalog those kits will go!

--mike bergman

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