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Subject: My experience with lager yeast...
Date: 1988-12-08 22:07:01 GMT

I mad a couple of octoberfest batches using the Vierka (sp?)
lager yeast. In both cases the wort sat for almost FOUR days before
anything happend. Laziness set in before I used it for radiator
coolant, and I was supprized to find that it was fermenting upon
close inspection on the fifth day. The next day the yeast was 'going'
strong. The results: 1 batch of octoberfest that 'became' a continental
dark, and the other lived up to the recipe.
I have heard other stories of late blooming lager yeast.
particularly Vierka (sp?). I used no fancy chillers or any medium
technology. I simply put the wort in a cool winter's attic next to
the ice climbing gear for company.

Matt Harris

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