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From: Jim Conroy <>
Subject: help need on messy brew
Date: 1989-03-28 21:09:21 GMT

Well I might have a problem.

I started a brew this past Fri. In the past I have been using only canned
extracts. I took a step up to using dried extract, crystal malt and hop
pellets. I guess I wasn't quite ready for all this and I started late and
so on ... excuses, excuses ...

I heated 1# crystal malt in 3 gals water till boiling removed all
malt by straining and added 6# dried amber extract.
(big mess 1) like they say if you don't watch the pot it's going to
boil ALL OVER.
I then boiled for 45 min
added 1oz Bullion hop pellets for 10 min
added 1oz Fuggles for 3-5 min.

At this point with no real way to strain I tried to transfer HOT
wort to the carboy using a strainer (mess 2). The HOT wort glubbed out of
the CARBOY and funnel so very tired I transferd slowly with out straining
until I got to the bottom, which I strained with a kitchen strainer.

I cooled the wort added EDME yeast and applied a Blowtube. It's been very
active with quite a messy blowtube, and it is very cloudy (I wonder why ha ha)

I've decided to say F stop worrying and procede. My plan is to rack
into a borrowed carboy and finish fermeting.

Questions 1) Should I filter when racking? is so how without splashing and
introducing air?
2) How bad is this going to be?? any guesses? time will tell.
3) What should I do to prevent this??
Use real hops easier to remove.
Go with a Sparging system.

The reason I tried to do this beforing cooling is that I did not what to
leave the Hops in the Wort too long ( I guess that backfired).

At least I still a few from the last batch to console myself with.

ANY and ALL suggestions will be greatly appreaciated.

Jim C AS2JXC@BINGVMA.BITNET SUNY Binghamton, Binghamton, NY

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