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From: Mike Fertsch <hplabs!uiucdcs!meccad.RAY.COM!FERTSCH>
Subject: MeV Liquid Yeasts
Date: 1989-03-29 20:01:00 GMT

Jackie Brown writes:

> Having taken the leap to all-grain brewing (for the most part) and
> appreciated the improvement, I'm now ready to switch over to liquid yeast
> cultures. I ordered 3 different yeasts from a Canadian lab (the nearest to
> me) over 4 weeks ago and have yet to receive anything! I believe the company
> is called 'MeC', or something similar (I'm at work). Has anyone out there
> dealt with this company?

I and several of our club members have dealt with MeV, with mixed success.
These yeasts come in little vials which must be started in a sterile wort
solution. A couple of years ago we ordered around 10 yeasts; we received
around 6 of them. Apparently they do not usually stock all the yeasts in
their catalog. They wait for enough orders to come in, and then they
culture up a batch. This guarantees fresh yeast.

My first experience was with their Alt Beer Yeast. My batch turned sour;
so did other club members who used this yeast. We suspect contamination. I
think they solved their problem; later batches with other strains were
superb. My latest batch is a Wheat Beer - it has a terrific 'clove/spicy'
character I am unable to get with other yeasts. Overall, I am pleased with
MeV. Expect delays in delivery.

I have also used Wyeast products. They are convenient, and give good
results. I use a starter solution for Wyeast. I really like Wyeast #1056
(Sierra Nevada) Ale.

Mike Fertsch

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