From the HBD Archive
Subject: erratum to Jim Conroy
Date: 1989-03-30 16:10:00 GMT

> "I took a step up to using dried extract, crystal malt and hop
> "pellets.
> "I then boiled for 45 min
> "added 1oz Bullion hop pellets for 10 min
> "added 1oz Fuggles for 3-5 min.

> I may be wrong, but it's my impression that dried extracts are usually
> unhopped. If the one you'r using is unhopped, the 10 min. boil for Bullion
> hops is not going to give you adequate bitterness. You need to boil hops for
> bittering (such as Bullions) for 45-60 mins, and save your flavor and aroma
> hops (such as Fuggles) for the 10 min and 3-5 min boils.

Yup, I was wrong. After checking my catalog collection, I found that Munton
and Fison sells hopped dry extract. If you used a hopped extract, my point
is moot. We all make mistakes.

Jackie Brown (via bitnet: Brown@msukbs)

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