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From: dw <Wegeng.Henr@Xerox.COM>
Subject: Re: Yeast Activation?
Date: 1989-03-31 14:11:59 GMT

>Martin A. Lodahl says:
>...the directions on the (Emde Ale) yeast
>package said to sprinkle the little pellets on the top of the
>(cooled) wort, but the kit directions said to mix with a couple
>tablespoons of tepid water. I tried the latter, which instantly
>produced a glob of incredibly sticky beige goop!

I use the method described in your kit (bread bakers call this "proofing"),
and have experienced the same problem when using some brands of yeast
(though I don't remember which ones). My solution is to sprinkle a small
amount of the dried yeast into the container of tepid water, then stir,
then add some more yeast, stir some more, etc. This seems to work pretty
well, though I still end up with a couple small globs of yeast.

BTW, don't add the proofed yeast to the wort unless you see bubbles start
to form on top. The bubbles are formed by the now activated yeast, and
indicate that the yeast is still alive.



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