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From: (Martin Weinberg)
Subject: Wyeast strain #1084
Date: 1989-03-31 20:37:45 GMT

My experience with Wyeast strains is nearly identical to those
described by Pete Soper. I recently brewed three extract based
pales; one using Wyeast American Ale, one using Brewer's Choice Ale, and one using Edme. The Wyeast American Ale was superb! The
attenuation and flocculation was excellent with very nice ale
character (O.G. 1042, F.G. 1011). It took roughly 48 hrs. after
pitching to get going, however. 3 weeks after bottling the beer
was beautifully clear with a compact yeast cake.

The Brewer's Choice was similar but seemed to be slighly cleaner
(less estery).

The Edme attempt was O.K. but had a number of "funny"flavors
which I have tentatively identified with autolysis but I'm
not sure (can someone describe how autolysed yeast tastes?).
I have noticed that consistently much more yeast is produced using
the dried yeast than the liquid yeast cultures. Are we overpitching
when we use the dried yeasts?

I have not seen Leistad's book on yeast. Does somebody know where
I can get a copy?

Finally, Pete Soper asks:

> Can anybody comment on strain #1084 ("Irish Ale")?

I am currently fermenting a stout (grain + extract) using #1084.
The fermentation has been faster than my pale ales with much shorter
lag time initially. I'll will comment on the final product when
all is done.

-Martin Weinberg

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