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From: Dr. T. Andrews <tanner@ki4pv>
Subject: Re: hop pellets and lauter tun/hop backs
Date: 1989-04-02 13:11:31 GMT

On lauter-tuns: I have one of those lautering bags, and it would
indeed be very handy \(em if I had a bucket with a spigot on the
side, so that I didn't have to remove the grain to pour off the
barley-water. This is No Fun. Until I get another large bucket into
which I can put a spigot, however, I am stuck with removing the grain
to pour off the barley-water.

For this reason, this past week I drilled about 300 holes in the
bottom of a smaller bucket which fits neatly into the large bucket.
It was far less painful to lift the grain to pour off the barley-water.

On hops: I always use one of those hops bags for pellets. If I am
using more than one type of pellets, or inserting the same variety
at two points in the boil, I use more bags. They're (a) dirt cheap
(b) easily cleaned after use with pellets. Keep 4 in your beer-making
drawer. That way you have a spare.

Dr. T. Andrews, Systems
CompuData, Inc. DeLand

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