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From: (Jay Hersh)
Subject: Vierka and Kegging systems
Date: 1988-12-09 16:31:16 GMT

to the person having slow starts with vierka. Vierka is an excellent dry
yeast but you must treat it right. 1) don't just toss it in and throw the
whole thing into the cold or it will always take 4 days to start.

In order for the yeast to reproduce it needs warmer temperatures. I have been
using vierka for a while and have found the way to cut lag time down below
8 hours (consistently), and frequently as low as 2 hours is this.
1) Boil down a glass jar for a half hour
2) boil down 2 cups water and 1 cup dextrose or light dry malt
3) put the water/sugar or malt in the jar and cool to 85-95 F
4) add the vierka

Do this before starting to brew. The 3 hours or more you give the yeast
will allow it to rehydrate and begin reproduction. Then add it to your
brew (hopefully you've chilled the wort) and leave this at room temperature
overnight or so until you see fermentation has begun (you may want to have
a blow off rig set up as even lager yeast will blow off when worked at room
temp). Now if you follow the vierka package directions you'll leave this
at room temp another 5-6 days and the move to the cold. I do it different.
As soon as I see active fermentation I move it to my 45-50 F cold room.
It will ferment at a fairly constant clip for days. I leave it in the primary
as long as 2 weeks then rack to a secondary for another 2-3 weeks. Then into
the bottles and another 3-8 weeks before it will condition properly. Every
beer (~6 batches) made this way has come out soooooo smoooooth!
Good Luck.

For bo,
One of our club members has the cornelius system. He paid slightly less
than what you qouted and got it through a local restaurant supplier. The
only problem he had was that after allowing the beers to carbonate properly
it was necessary to get them cooled to a proper temperature so that the
CO2 dispensation system wouldn't cause them to foam. He really likes his
system now that he has the hang of it. If only I had the $$$.

- jay h

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