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Subject: Texas Homebrew Law Problem
Date: 1989-04-12 13:31:20 GMT

I realize this is only locally important, but ...

The Texas Tobacco and Alcohol Board has struck again!
Last fall, just before the Houston Homebrew competition, the TABC
decided the the law allowing homebrewing for personal "use"
meant "use" in you home, only by members of your family. This meant,
no homebrew competitions, no giving samples to friends, no taking
the homebrew out of the house, etc. (This also applies to home-made

There is a proposed ammendment to the home-brew law pending, which anyone
in Texas, or nearby states, might like to support.
The bill is #2332 (I hope) ammending 109.21 (which allows homebrew)
saying that homebrew may be removed from the home for organized affairs
exhibitions, or competitions ...

Anyone who is willing please contact Texas Representatives and support this

P.S. BTW, there is also a proposed bill to allow Brewpubs in Texas,
pushed mainly by the nice people at Reinheitsgebot Brewing, here in
P.P.S. Any homebrewers traveling through Dallas, there is a monthly
Homebrew Club meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, at 7PM
in the Olla Podrida Shopping Mall (its closed then so enter at the
North-East door). Visitors are welcome.

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