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From: rdg@hpfcmi
Subject: More on compuserve
Date: 1989-04-13 15:40:54 GMT

> From: sjsca4!greg@uunet.UU.NET (Greg Wageman)

> In addition, since Compuserve's forums provide an indexed file-storage area,
> lists of (for example) recipes, grouped by beer type, could be kept on-line.
> The possibilities are wide open at this point. In case you haven't figured
> it out by now, I am also a Compuserve subscriber. I gather that Rob isn't;
> you should check it out before you write it off.

I never said that the Compuserve Homebrew group was a bad thing. Far
from it- I only stated my opinion that I didn't think it would fly.
Now, obviously, there's a lot that I wasn't aware of regarding
Compuserve, and the information you provided about it was exactly what
I was hoping for. I still think that the Compuserve thing will attract
few new subscribers from the existsing brewing community, but I will
concede now that it certainly looks like an excellent opportunity to
attract new homebrewers. I wish the AHA and Compuserve good luck with
the venture.


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