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From: Earl Kieser <ek@hpdstma>
Subject: keg
Date: 1988-12-10 00:38:40 GMT

> > Subject: Kegging systems for the home
> > 2. Is it likely I could find some of the major components such as the Cornelius
> > keg or the CO2 bottle from a local supplier or restaurant for much less?
> > If so, ordering just the regulator ($40) and some fittings/hoses could get
> > one an equivalent system for much less than $170.
> >
> > 3. Does anyone use a kegging system of their own design? How much did you
> > invest and do you prefer it over bottling?

I have a keg system that I have used on comercial beers for years.
DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY on a prefab system! Your local beer distributor
will be glad to sell you all of the tap hardware, your local welding supply
will furnish the CO2 - tank - regulator system and that's all you need.

I recomend that you use a "TRI-TAP" system. This is use on Bud and Coors
and the kegs cheap and easy to clean (a snap ring removes the bung). Be
sure to ask the distributer for a Tap Handle (try for an antique).

The CO2 regulator that is sold says "NOT FOR USE WITH BEER". This refers to
a liability problem according to the manufacturer. The regulators are designed
for "beverage despensing" and will work well for beer.

The last thing is that you should mount the tap in the side of the frig
(if possible) to allow access to the frig for other items.

Good Luck


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