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From: "1107-CD&I/VIRUS DISEASES" <henchal@wrair.ARPA>
Subject: BrewCo boiler, CIS, Pilsner recipe
Date: 1989-04-14 16:46:00 GMT

To: Len Reed
Thanks for your extensive comments and advice concerning the
BrewCo boiler. I will surely let you know how it all works out.
By the way I did receive your E-mail through the regular route,
but I was unable to reply directly. This E-Mail address thing
still puzzles me sometimes.

RE: Compuserve. My comments concerning the costs of Compuserve
have been printed here before, so I will not burden the readers
with these again. I probably subscribe to almost all of the
known BBS's and beer networks in my constant search for new
brewing information. Compuserve will serve me as one other
resource to tap on the road to my perfect beer. I look forward
to having some heart-to-hearts with Professor Surfeit. I guess
I'll be talking to you on CIS, Greg (Wageman).

The following recipe has produced one of the finest pilsners I
have every made...CHEERS.

For 5.5 gallons

4 lb can Mountmellick HOPPED light extract
3 oz Crystal Malt
2 tsp gypsum
1/4 oz Saaz hops (boiling, 75 minutes)
1/2 oz Saaz hops (finishing, last 10 minutes)
Wyeast #2007 liquid yeast (2 qt starter)
47-49 degrees F for 3 weeks (primary fermentation)
30 degrees F for 4 weeks (lagering)

The Crystal malt was steeped at 170 degrees F for 20 minutes in
the brewing water (and then removed) before the start of the

What could be simplier?

Erik A. Henchal, Ph.D.

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