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From: ephram@violet.Berkeley.EDU
Subject: Culturing yeast from bottle conditioned beers.
Date: 1989-04-18 04:26:17 GMT

I have this batch o' wort that I made up last night. I tried to culture
some yeast from some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale bottles, but, nothing happened.
I made a starter from some sterile wort I removed and cooled half way through
the boil. 3 bottles of Sierrra were emptied and the dregs swirled and added
to the cool wort. 45 Min later, Nothin, not even a bubble. Not hampered
by the apparent lack of activity I went ahead and pitched the "starter"
anyway (3 Sierra Nevada Pale Ales in lew of dinner will unhamper you of much:-).

Well the questions are, 1) Will this eventually start? If not should I just
pitch a packet of dry? 2) How can I culture some Sierra Nevada yeast (or any
other yeast for that matter) ?

Any other suggestions? I tried dry hopping some pellets of cascade hops this
time (1/2 oz.). Will they circulate enough to emit aromatics? Do they need

Thanx for your help

We must prevent those commies from compromising the integrity of our
precious bodily fluids. -Gen. Jack D. Ripper
Ephram Cohen
466 44th St. #1 3210 Tolman Hall
Oakland, CA 94609 Berkeley, CA 94720

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