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Subject: HB.DIG#131 [Summer ales & Sierra Nevada]
Date: 1989-04-18 15:09:09 GMT

In # 131, Martin Lodahl asks:

>1. 2) Does anyone have any good "hot weather" ale recipes they're willing
> to share?
>Much obliged. - Martin

Yes, and it's a real simple one. I mashed 3# of plain malted barley
using the temperature-step process as described in Papazain's book for
partial grain recipes. I boiled for 30 minutes, then added one 3# can
of Blue Ribbon light extract (the cheap stuff you get at the grocery
store). Boiled for 30 more minutes with 2 oz of Willamette hops.
Finished with 1/2 oz of Kent Goldings in the last 5 minutes. Pitched
1 packet of Red Star Ale Yeast when at room temp. Fermented at about
68 degrees F, using two-stage process. It turned out refreshing, light
in body and taste, and with a beautiful head (1 cup corn sugar for
priming). Considering what went into it, I was surprised with the
goodness of the outcome.

Next, asks about the culturing of Sierra
Nevada yeast from the bottle.

If Sierra Nevada is pasteurized to stop the fermentation process, which
I suspect is the case, the yeast will never start. You may try culturing
some from a draught of Sierra Nevada from your favorite pub.


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