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From: ileaf!io!flatline!dbjag@EDDIE.MIT.EDU (David Benjamin x4050)
Subject: "fading" taste
Date: 1989-04-24 13:54:26 GMT

I've just brewed my first batch of beer. It tastes just great. I'm happy.
My housemates are happy. We're all happy. One question, though. Although
the beer has a very pleasant initial taste, it gently fades away until
it tastes almost like water by the time it gets to the back of the tongue.
The beer is certainly not unpleasant, but it isn't as "full" as I'd
like it. A friend of mine says I should add mineral salts to harden
the water, so I may try that. Any additional pieces of advice or opinion
welcomed. Thanks!

beer essentials : 2 cans Geordie bitter kit, 2 weeks in carboy, 2 weeks in
bottles. If you think I did anything more complex than
follow the beginners recipe in Charlie Papazian's "Joy"
then think again...

- Dave Benjamin - - Interleaf - - ...!!ileaf!dbjag -

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