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From: Jason Goldman <hp-lsd!jdg>
Subject: unknown
Date: 1989-05-02 14:54:47 GMT

Gordon Hester writes:
> 2) I bottled in 16 oz. returnables. I find it a bit tricky to pour out of these
> without stirring up the yeast sediment on the bottom of the bottle. I am most
> successful when I leave about 1.5 inches of beer in the bottle, which seems a
> bit excessive to me. Is it? Is there a trick to this that I don't know about,
> or are the bottles that I am using suboptimal?

When I first started brewing, I was very careful not to stir the sediment,
etc. Over time, I have gotten to the point where I don't worry (while I'm
relaxing with a homebrew ;-) about getting some sediment in my glass. I
usually don't pour the thickest part of the sediment, but I don't really
mind it. You might want to read some of the previous newsletters. About
two months ago, there was a discussion about fining agents and techniques
for reducing sediment. I used some of these ideas on a light beer that I
made and they worked well (the techniques, I mean).

Regarding an index to Papazian's book, if anyone knows about this, could
they either send me a pointer to the source or a copy?

Also, while I'm at it, a cup of sugar for 3 gallons seems excessive to me.

Jason Goldman hplabs!hp-lsd!jdg

I tried to email this, but the mail bounced...

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