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From: Dave Hollenbeck <dbh@hpesdbh>
Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest for December 10, 1988
Date: 1988-12-12 15:36:03 GMT

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> > Date: Sat, 10 Dec 88 10:24:34 EST
> > From: hplabs!rutgers!!nlp (Nick Pine)
> > Subject: Kegging systems
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> > A brewing supply store owner around here mentioned that one of his
> > customers used 2 beerspheres interconnected with tubes, one
> > fermenting and supplying CO2 to the other. . . I wonder how that
> > sort of thing would work, and how much it complicates scheduling or
> > compromises the brewing.
> >
> > --Nick
> >

I just bought a CO2 setup from The Brass Corkscrew in Seattle. For a
low low $110.00 I got a 5lb tank, regulator, 1-to-3 manifold and hoses.
I got a 7.75 gal stainless steel keg (the type has a name, but I forget)
from a friend for free. Another friend says the tap is about $20.00 from
the local distributor. This seems like a reasonable alternative to the
$50.00 plastic kegs which seem to have been described as problematic.
Although I have yet to keg a batch, it seems fairly simple: Brew and ferment
as usual, then siphon from carboy into keg, slap on the CO2 and drink (in
a few days, of course).
Also, for anyone who might be interested, the Brass Corkscrew also sells 5,
10 and 15 gal stainless steel kettles, and will add any combination of spigot,
screen, and temperature probe.


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