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From: Jason Goldman <hp-lsd!jdg>
Subject: Re: Bitter beer
Date: 1989-05-05 13:56:02 GMT

Timothy C. Phillips and Andy Newman both wrote about beers that were VERY
bitter at bottling time. I have also had a similar experience with a batch
and the good news is that there was a happy ending. I made a deal with a
friend to trade a case of homebrew (made to my friend's specification of
type) for the fabrication of a speaker component. My friend likes light,
American style beers. When I put the recipe together, I was careful to avoid
tastes that were too strong (i.e. too much hops, etc.). This batch happened
to be the first time that I used leaf hops and when I poured the wort into
the fermenter I tasted some and it was incredibly bitter. I shrugged my
shoulders somewhat fatalistically (thinking that I'd have to make another
batch for my friend and drink this hops-water) and sealed up the fermenter.
Even at bottling time, the beer was fairly bitter, but much closer to
reasonable. After a week or two in the bottle, the beer had faded down to a
very smooth, lawnmower type beer ;-). While this is not my favorite type of
beer to drink, it was exactly what I was aiming for.

The key, as always, is RDWHAH.


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