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From: rogerl@Think.COM
Subject: Novice Questions Responses
Date: 1989-05-08 12:45:59 GMT

Date: Fri, 5 May 89 12:01:47 EDT
Subject: More novice questions
I've noticed, in "complete joy" and elsewhere, directions that call for boiling
wort with part of the water required, and then adding the rest of the water to
it in the fermenter. I'm not exactly sure how to interpret this. In particular,
does this mean that it's OK to just add tap water to the boiled portion of the
wort, or should pre-sterilized (boiled) water be added?

I build all of my Homebrew with just adding tap water to the wort.
Yes you do run the risk of contamination, but we're not suppose to
worry, right. One thing I try to do is boil as much of the water as I
can for the batch. This means for a 5 gal. recipe I will most likely
boil about 3 gal. of it and add 2 gal. of tap water. Then I cover the
container and let it sit until the tempurature has dropped to a
reasonable pitching temp. And, yes, it is always better to boil all
of the water you are going to use to create a homebrew. But if you
don't have the facilities or equipment, don't worry about it. Lots of
excellent homebrews are made with tap water.

Another question concerning water: is there any advantage to using anything
but tapwater? The water here in Pittsburgh is not bad, but it's not great,
either. (It took some getting used to when I came here from Oregon, where
municipal water sources are typically snowmelt. Pittsburgh water comes from the
Allegheney river, which has its source, I believe, in an oilwell upstate.)

First, remember that brews are mostly water. So the water you use
will effect the final product. If the water is particularly
unappetizing I would suggest using bottled water. The town water
where I am is safe to drink by all standards but has a strange musty
oder to it.('they' say it's algee in the supply) But we took no
changes and had an active charcol filter installed in the main into
the house. Yes, it was a bit expensive. But the way I figure it, it
has paid for itself in the 5 years we've had it based on the price of
bottled water being delivered to the house.

Last question: I know that there have been previous postings about mail order
sources for brewing supplies, ...

Beer and Wine Hobby
22B Cranes Court
Worburn, MA 01801
FAX: (617)662-0872
Outside MA:
Inside MA:

They are very knowledgeable, prompt and generally a great bunch to
work with.

Now where's that homebrew I just poured.
Roger J. Locniskar <>

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