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From: a.e.mossberg <>
Subject: Re: to boil, or not to boil
Date: 1989-05-08 15:05:21 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #145, Gordon Hester asks:

>I've noticed, in "complete joy" and elsewhere, directions that call for boiling
>wort with part of the water required, and then adding the rest of the water to
>it in the fermenter. I'm not exactly sure how to interpret this. In particular,
>does this mean that it's OK to just add tap water to the boiled portion of the
>wort, or should pre-sterilized (boiled) water be added?
>Another question concerning water: is there any advantage to using anything
>but tapwater? The water here in Pittsburgh is not bad, but it's not great,
>either. (It took some getting used to when I came here from Oregon, where
>municipal water sources are typically snowmelt. Pittsburgh water comes from the
>Allegheney river, which has its source, I believe, in an oilwell upstate.)

Tap water is fine, unless you're unsure of the quality. If it's safe to drink,
it's perfectly alright to use in your brew. If you're concerned about the
quality, a standard water filter would probably be sufficient to bring the
water to spec.

>Last question: I know that there have been previous postings about mail order
>sources for brewing supplies, but I don't find them among the messages that
>remain in my local archives. Now that I've actually begun brewing, and have
>found that local sources are a good hour's round-trip drive away (around
>Pittsburgh, there is generally no good way to get from here to there,
>regardless of where here and there are), I sure wish I had kept some of the
>messages giving info about mail order sources. Could some of you who know
>of good sources be so kind as to email me addresses and phone #'s, please?

Wine and Brew by You has a big selection, and a new catalog. (305) 666-5757
5760 Bird Rd., Miami, FL 33155

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