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From: pacbell!pbmoss!mal@hplabs.HP.COM
Subject: "Hot" Fermentation (help!)
Date: 1989-05-09 16:13:43 GMT

Another novice's question: what should be done with a "hot"
fermentation? Last Sunday, as I was brewing up my own
interpretation of Florianb's intriguing "summer ale" recipe from HBD
#132, the weather got steadily hotter. By the time I pitched the
yeast, the coolest spot in the house (occupied, naturally, by the
carboy I use as a primary fermenter) was over 80 degrees F and
rising. Not surprisingly the lag time was very short, and
fermentation was vigorous, to say the least. By Tuesday morning
there was no perceptible bubbling from the blowoff tube, though this
may be due in part to the sudden drop in temperature that's expected
to be with us for the next few days.

What I presently plan to do is let it all sit just as it is (if I
were to open the fermenter, I doubt that enough additional carbon
dioxide would be generated to keep air off the beer) until Thursday,
when I'll rack and clarify, and then let it sit until the following
Tuesday, when I'll bottle. I would prefer to bottle sooner, but
I'll be 500 miles away. My questions: Is that reasonable? Why
not? What's the best way to treat beer that's fermented too quickly?

- Martin

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