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From: (Doug)
Subject: wo questions
Date: 1989-05-09 14:53:00 GMT

A little while ago, someone posted about an incredably bitter brew that

softened after some time in the bottle. For him, in that case, it was a good

thing. I seem to be experiencing the same effect, but with this batch it is

a problem. I brewed a steam beer from DME and some crystal and toasted malts.

When it was young, ~1 week after bottling, it was good and bitter. Now, almost

a month later, it seems to be softening. Is this a common occurance, and is

there anything that can be done to keep the bitterness?

Another question. (I've always got lots of them.) Is there reason

brown sugar or normal white sugar wouldn't work for priming sugar? I have been

using sugar from the place where I get malt, but I forgot to get some last

time. Now I have a batch in the carboy and am wondering if I can just bottle

with what I have.

Thanks for the help and keep brewing.

Doug Bonar (

{Mathematics - the only subject where you can play with puzzles professionally.]

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