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From: ferguson%X102C@HARRIS-ATD.COM (ferguson ct 71078)
Subject: Homebrew Digest #146 (May 09, 1989)
Date: 1989-05-10 13:31:09 GMT

>From: Darryl Richman <>
>Your kitchen tap might still have a bit of spaghetti sauce under the
>lip from yesterday's dishes--do you trust it enough to put it into the
>beautiful culture medium you've just spent 2 hours making? Some
>people get away with it--for a while.

I previously posted that I have used tap water in my brew. Two things
I forgot to mention that you and several other posters have reminded
me of -- I always sanitize my faucett and sink with bleach prior to
brewing and I had a water softener which removed much (but not all) of
the iron and other minerals.

If a homebrewer has water questions, he might try taking a one quart
sample of his brewing water to a swimming pool supply store for
testing. They will measure the ph, total alkalinity, and chlorine
content. Most such stores also have instruments for determining iron
and other solids content. It may not be as accurate as a water report
but is a good start and it's free since the pool supply place would
love to sell you the chemicals ($$) to correct any deficiencies (:-)).

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