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From: Michael Berry <mcb@hpfcls>
Subject: Samual Adams Beer
Date: 1989-05-17 15:01:12 GMT

Someone brought up Sam Adams (sp?) beer in this forum and I finally decided
to take this opportunity to vent some of my frustration about their
advertising techniques that I am subjected to each morning.

They are so proud (and leverage strongly) the fact that they won the GABF
best of show for the last 3 years running. Let me say a word about that.
They always have these scantilly clad ladies giving away promos that I
feel is a cheap trick to get votes. I really can't understand how they
can win each year with superior beers like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale around.
You might be thinking of your favorite brew at the show now and why it
doesn't win. I don't expect Big Foot Barley Wine to win because it is more
than most folks can handle, so after voting for it for a few years (and
realizing that I was "wasting" my vote as far as getting SA out of 1st place)
I started voting for SNPA. Are there any of you who actually for for SA
beer at the GABF?

The next thing that gets to me is the say "Our beer is the only beer brewed
in America that meets the strict German beer purity law (Reinheitsgebot).
I understand this law was recently (within the last 5 years) repealed.
Really burns me each time I hear that.

Now I like SA lager but I don't buy it typically. I just don't like their
ads and don't want them to win again this year. There - I said it.

Michael Berry ARPA:mcb%hpfcls@hplabs.HP.COM UUCP:hplabs!hpfcla!mcb

PS anyone know the dates for the GABF in Denver this year?

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