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From: uiucdcs!rayssdb.RAY.COM!iws@hplabs.HP.COM (Ihor W. Slabicky)
Subject: Doppelbocks and Samuel Adams version of it
Date: 1989-05-17 14:42:00 GMT


Date: Tue, 16 May 89 15:10:38 EDT
From: hplabs!harvard!ima!wang7!klm
Subject: Sam Adams Double Bock

This doesn't exactly fit the subject of homebrew but as we are all beer
afficionados here, I would like to find out if any of you have an
opinion of the Samuel Adams Double Bock. An friend of mine tried it
and his opinion was somewhat neutral. I tried it and my opinion was
far from neutral. I disliked it intensely.

I have had both domestic and German (while I was in Germany) Bocks and
DoppelBocks, and I have brewed my own Bock according to Papazian's
guidelines. Nothing I have had before was anywhere near this new
Sam Adams brew. My major complaints are 1) It's too light, and 2)
it's far too sweet (almost sickly sweet.)

Now I understand that DoppelBocks should be a bit full-bodied (sweet)
but I think that this beer goes too far. I'm almost tempted to write
the brewery and ask them what they were thinking about when they came up
with this recipe.

I tried their Double Bock last Friday at Doyle's in the
Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston. My other experiences
with bocks have been:

Genesee Bock - light taste, like their regular beer, with less
hops and more sweetness. Has a dark color - caramel?

Hope Bock - this has a hoppier taste (it sometimes strikes me
as a bit rough) but is still sweet and not too heavy taste.

Samuel Adams - less of hoppier taste, sweet and not too heavy
taste. I'd say that Sam Adams is a less hoopier version of
the Hope Bock.

Spaten Doppelspaten - rich taste, a bit sweet, almost no
hoppy taste to it. Nice head and color. Strong!

I'd say that the Sam Adams compares very nicely to a good
American Bock (like Hope Bock). It does not compare at
all to a German bock - like the Doppelspaten. Sam Adams
probably 'named' the beer a double bock while brewing a bock.
It was not a bad beer, for a bock, in fact very good, but
I didn't think it was a double bock.

My general view of bocks is they should be a dark beer,
sweet, heavy taste, and strong!

Btw, Doyle's is a very nice place to quaff a pint or two.
They have an excellent selection of British brews and US
microbrews on tap - they even had some of the Anchor
Christmas Ale (but were sold out of it when I was there).
Good food and atmosphere, too. On Washington Street
and some 4 or 5 blocks north of Arbor Way. Worth the trip!


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