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Subject: Short boil OK?
Date: 1989-05-19 18:26:51 GMT

I am very new to home brewing and recently had a conversation
with a person at a home brew mail order establishment concerning
all extract brewing. He had some suggestions which I have not
heard or read before. I recently read two books on home brewing:

(exact titles/authors?)

Brewing Quality Beers - Byron Birch
The Complete Handbook to Home Brewing - Dave Miller

We were discussing the single stage vs. two stage fermentation. From
what I have read, it sounds like the best way to go is two-stage
fermentation. (I have the equipment; food grade fermentor, glass carboys).
The idea is to seperate the trub from your beer after the initial foam
settles down (1-2 days).

This gentleman stated that he felt that single stage was better and the
goal was to reduce the amount of trub formed. He stated that if you
limit your boil to 20 minutes their would not be as much chance for the
protein to coagulate; thus less trub.

Does this sound reasonable? Has anyone used this method and if so
could you pass on a recipe? Budweiser, Bass, Heiniken (sp?) are beers
I typically purchase.

Also, in Miller's book he said to stay away from using aluminum as a
boiling pot. I have a new 6 gallon aluminum pot and wonder if I should
heed his advise.


John Link

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