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Subject: Homebrew Digest #156 (May 21, 1989)
Date: 1989-05-22 21:22:13 GMT

>From: Darryl Richman <>
>Subject: re: Sam Adams
> The bold print says "Sam Adams
>Was An Ale Drinker!" Of course, lager beer was unknown before the 1840's--
>it's a creation of mechanized refrigeration.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ?????

Warning: Novice comments follow.

I have no idea when lager was first brewed or whether it was a product
of mechanical refrigeration. However, I have seen or heard of several
old breweries that were located in caves (sometimes man-made) because
of the cooler temperatures there and I always assumed that the beer
brewed in these caves was a lager or lager/ale hybrid. For example,
the now defunct Wolf brewery in Stillwater, MN was in a man-made cave
carved into a solid limestone rock at what must have been considerable
expense. If these caves were not for lagering, what the heck were
they for?

As an aside, I had no idea that mechanical refrigeration was available
circa 1840. Are you sure about this?

I find this beer brewing history stuff fascinating. Does anyone know
of an interesting and readable history of the subject?

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