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From: Jan Mark Noworolski <>
Subject: Apple Cider Season
Date: 1988-10-31 20:47:41 GMT

Now that November's rolling around apples are being pressed
almost daily up here and I see that I'm not the only one who
has a craving for apple cider.

This means that I and many others are going into the apple cider brewing
mode for a couple of months.

For those of you who have never tried apple cider before (the sparkling
kind) I strongly recommend trying to make some.

The bare minimum recipe defies simplicity:
(add refinements like cambden tablets to suit own taste)
1. 20 litres or so of freshly pressed apple cider (juice). WITHOUT
2. Champagne yeast.

Keep in primary for about a week until drops to a small number from
1.050-1.060 (read LOTS of alcohol in this one).
Rack into secondary for about 3weeks- a month.
Add a cup of sugar and bottle- drink 2 weeks later (at earliest).

The result is a potent (10-15%) sparkling DRY apple juice. Drink in

Last year made a batch which I just finished drinking in June of this year
and it seemed to get better and better with increasing age.

2 weeks ago I tried again but to my dismay I accidentally got a batch of
cider with preservatives (read: will not ferment until it spoils).

Time to try again.

ps. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to make the end product
a sweet cider instead of a very dry one (which is what happened last
year). I would love to capture the Strongbow or Woodpecker full-
bodied semi-sweet flavour.

pps. An update on the current situation- As of the 28th of Oct I racked
a new batch and it's fermenting and smelling VERY nice. I can't wait until
it's ready.... (preferred address)

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