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Subject: Good supplier for wet yeast???
Date: 1988-12-16 12:49:12 GMT

O.K. I've looked at the carrot long enough and I'm ready to try liquid
yeasts. Now the problem is where should I get it from?

I got a catalog from the cellar not long ago and I was checking out their
liquid yeasts. The yeast comes in a pouch that you squish together to
activate (is this common??)??? The cost for the yeast is $3.99 regardless
of type and they have something like 10 of them. Well I was all set and
filled out the order form for the yeast and a couple of things I can't
get local and then came the shock of my life. When I calculated the shipping
costs it was over 1/4 the price of the package. Should I expect this when
I mail order??? Does anybody have any recomendations as to a more reasonable
mail order place?

Another thing is that I've seen references to a yeast bank and I was wondering
what it is, where I might get such a thing, and if those of you that use it
think it is worth its investment. My original approach to running a culture
was going to be to use quart size mason jars with sterile wort to propagate
ala the JOHB. I figured a quart over the size of a beer bottle might allow
for better pitching rates. As usual, comments are appreciated.

Jeff Miller (

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