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From: Dr. T. Andrews <tanner@ki4pv>
Subject: Re: Short Boil OK
Date: 1989-05-23 11:25:19 GMT

) This gentleman stated that he felt that single stage was better and
) the goal was to reduce the amount of trub formed. He stated that if
) you limit your boil to 20 minutes their [sic] would not be as much
) chance for the protein to coagulate; thus less trub.
Ahem. I beg to differ on short boil periods, even with extracts.
There are several things being accomplished with the boil. One of
the most important is bringing out the hops; you want to get the oils
as well exposed to the water as you can. A longer boil period allows
you to get a better hops flavour. Adding your own hops of course
makes this argument even stronger.

By boiling the stuff, and racking as in a two-stage ferment, you get
rid of them. When you rack (strongly advised: I always use the two
stage method, and get clear beer this way) you also get rid of a fair
load of dead yeast. I rack again at bottling time, not bottling from
the carboy (with its own accumulation of dead yeast) but from a
bucket sterilized for the purpose.

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