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From: Jeff Renner <>
Subject: Re: NEW Topic YEAST!
Date: 1999-08-24 15:13:55 GMT

Roger Ayotte <<> writes:

>Are there any

> other fruity yeasts out there that are also top fermenting?

> try the "Ringwood" yeast? What does it compare to? Is it

> to homebrewers?

A favorite of mine - top fermenting yeasts - ones that throw up a thick
pancake of yeast. There is some confusion about the Ringwood yeast,
which is a definite top fermenter. As a matter of fact, our local
Ringwood brewpub, Grizzley Peak, throws in a submersible pump on the
second or third (?) day and sprays a fountain of fermenting beer over
the yeast head to reoxygenate the beer. This results in a distinctive
diacetyl house characteristic, needless to say.

Some have claimed that Wyeast 1968 is Ringwood, others have disputed
this. I don't know. Others have claimed that 1968 is NCYC 1187, and
that this is Ringwood. This I can refute. 1187, which I have used
from Yeast Culture Kit Co., does *not* make a yeast head. As a matter
of fact, it acts like a bottom fermenter - it really drops out fast
when it's done. YeastLab sells it as A10 (available only to micros and
brewpubs in large amounts) as ideal for unitanks because it drops so
well. YCKC also sells it. Don't know the number.

YeastLab A09, English ale yeast, is definitely Ringwood. Dan
McConnell, who owns YCKC and produces YeastLabs liquid yeasts, posted
this to HBD in Dec., 1994.

A really fine top fermenting English yeast is NCYC 1332, which is
called Strathcona in homebrew circles because it was used by the now
defunct Strathcona micro (BP?) in Edmundton. YCKC sells it. It
produces nice complex flavored ales.

The NCYC site does give the
information Roger wanted (but they won't give the original source of
the yeast). Here is what they say about 1332 (the site tells how to
interpret the numbers). Note that it mentions good head formation

Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Strain no. 1332

Head formation. good head

Deposit - amount of yeast deposited. > 15mm

Attenuation. 1.006-1.008

Rate of fermentation. 6-8

Clarity of the final beer. 0-10

My new favorite English top fermenter, which gives that fruitiness that
Roger wanted, is from Ridley's in Essex, UK. I brought home a
contaminated sample from the brewery this March which Dan cleaned up
for me. (They have a new head brewer and my man in Essex says the
beers are improving). It really wants to climb to the top of the beer,
and maybe out of it. It produces a really authentic English flavor
profile. Fruity with other complexities. I just finished a really
nice mild made with it. Dan sells slants of this yeast through YCKC.
As someone recently mentioned, Dan has lots he doesn't mention in his
catalog. Just ask him Usual disclaimer. Dan
is a friend and gives me starters for his own QA and because he's a
nice guy, but, as Dave Draper liked to quote me when he posted here, "I
can't be bought for a mere $3.50."


And now for a change of quote on the signature:


Jeff Renner in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA c/o

"I have found that alcohol taken in sufficient quantity produces all
the effects of drunkenness." Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Irish author,
playwright and wit.

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