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From: hplabs!rutgers!!utai!!bnr-vpa!bnr-rsc!jim (Jim Somerville)
Subject: Introduction and a Few Questions
Date: 1989-05-24 22:10:39 GMT

Hi Everyone

My name is Jim Somerville. I have been brewing for about a year
now, my last batch being a dry malt powder and honey brew. The
alcohol content is quite high >7% by my estimates. Is this
normal for having started with 30% honey? I have been drinking
it for a few days now, but the one I had last night had a strange
mouth feel, which can best be described as kind of gelatinously
slimy. Any ideas as to what causes this? I boiled the wort for
an hour as usual, and there was quite a lot of trub at the
bottom of the primary (I use 2 stage fermentation). Could serving
temperature have anything to do with it?

My guess is that it is caused by the dry malt powder. I have
noticed that some recipes call for dextrine malt. Is it the
same stuff as "brewbody"? The dry powder I used was not brewbody.

On the topic of sanitation, is it worth boiling the bottlecaps?

On the topic of yeast, should a person bother to add yeast
nutrient to an all malt batch?

If someone is keeping a canonical list of questions and answers,
please send it to me.


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