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From: hplabs!decvax!wang!mds (pri=9 Marc San Soucie ms 019-890 x76723)
Subject: Stronger Beer, Better Yeast, Real Music, Boston, Rodenbach
Date: 1989-05-25 18:53:43 GMT

Opinions From The Ether:

In Digest #154 Gary Benson writes about a "weak" porter and other things
that stir up my opiniona reflexes. Some comments:

- If you want more kick in your porter, leave the recipe as is, except
raise the malt level from 5 pounds to 6 (or 7 or 8). I have been making
stouts for personal consumption, and once for an experiment I made a
real crankcase job - 12 pounds of fermentable malt and an additional
3 pounds of flavorings and stuff. Yow! I don't recommend it, but there's
no denying the alcoholic content. Messy brewing, though, and a seven-gallon
primary fermenter can't take it. Boom!

- Cooler fermentations and early transfers to the secondary seem to smooth
things out even more.

- I tried a brew with 6 pounds of light malt, a touch of roasted, hops, and
Red Star. In fact my first seven beers were Red Star beers. I have become
convinced that Red Star is a Bulgarian product designed to decrease the
quality of Western beers. I can taste Red Star in every beer that used it.
Edme, Doric (very smooth), Leigh&Williams, Wyeast (tricky but worth it),
Whitbread, etc. Anything but Red Star! Be suspicious of anyone who sells
you Red Star without offering alternatives.

- The rising lumps of stuff are your yeast's way of thanking you for giving
them all that great stuff to eat and shit into. Happy yeasts, even if they
are Red Star.

- George Winston is to music as Coors Light is to homebrew. How about
something with a little more body to it? Liz Story? Ry Cooder? Scriabin?
Tuxedomoon? Even Miles Davis?

More notes about the Boston brewing scene. Give a welcome to the
Cambridge Brewing Company, in Kendall Square Cambridge. So far I'd say his
beer still needs some adjusting, but he's got a nice setup, the prices are
good, the food is fine (anything but Commonwealth's!). Commonwealth still
has the best stout around (though Manhattan's porter is better), and Harpoon
is by far my preference from a bottle, but Cambridge has a nice comfortable
atmosphere and a friendly brewmaster.

Finally, does anyone out there know how to make something like Rodenbach?
This Belgian delight is one of the loveliest beers I have ever set mouth to,
and I would like to be able to make flavors in that ballpark. Recipe

Marc San Soucie
The John Smallbrewers

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